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Upcoming Events

2023 Spring Concert NCCC flyer final.jpg


Grass Valley Suite -- composers: Alrich, Bachmann, Campbell, Haennelt, Hsieh and Vance

A multi-composer project for pipe organ performed by organist, Walt Strony


A Remarkably Capable Woman -- Nancy Bachmann

a micro-opera mystery 

Shauna Fallihee, mezzo and Nancy Bachmann, piano


Suicide Quartet -- Mark Vance 

for piano quintet: Kirsti Powell, flute; Murray Campbell, oboe;

Elizabeth McAllister, clarinet, Dave Riddles, bassoon and Lynn Schugren, piano


Gentle Breeze -- Jake Collins

for trio: Kirsti Powell, flute; Elizabeth McAllister, clarinet and Alexis Alrich, piano


Sapphire -- Bonnie Arbaugh

for mini choir and piano trio: Miriana Steph, violin, Alexandra Roedder, cello and Joshua Horton, piano


Five Things On -- Durwynne Hsieh

for cello and piano: Alexandra Roedder, cello and Nancy Bachmann piano

Compositional Improvisation -- Motoshi Kosako

for harp: Motoshi Kosako


From Nevada City: Take Highway 49 north out of Nevada City to Newtown Road. Turn left on Newtown (at the Willo), go several miles to Empress Road, turn right, and turn right again on Bitney Springs Road. Go about 3 miles and turn right on Barr Ranch Road – you will see the tall wooden sign that says “Linden Lea” at the entrance. 

From Grass Valley: Take Main Street (which becomes Rough & Ready Highway) west for several miles to a stop sign, turn right on Bitney Springs Road. Follow Bitney Springs for 5 miles and turn right on Barr Ranch Road – you will see the tall wooden sign that says “Linden Lea” at the entrance. 

The road before Barr Ranch is North Ponderosa; you will see a sign for "North Ponderosa Ranch" as a heads-up that Barr Ranch is coming up in about 1/2 mile. If you get to Pleasant Valley Road, you missed Barr Ranch 2.2 miles back up hill. The road after Barr Ranch is Starduster. 

Our house is 8/10 of a mile on Barr Ranch. Stay straight, no turns. Follow the 1/8th notes. There will be a vineyard on your left. Passed a corral, at ca. 6/10 mile, the road to our house turns to gravel. (Paved road bears right downhill at that point; DO NOT take the paved road.) 

Gates will be open for the event. There's one at about 2/10 mile, one at 6/10, and one at 7/10. The one at 7/10 is silver and has a yellow diamond Peruvian Horse sign. Proceed toward the large yellow building with white columns. 

Caution! Do not use Google Maps or Mapquest, they may lead you seriously astray.

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Past Events

2022 Fall Concert NCCC flyer final.jpg
Nevada County Composer's Cooperative
Fall Concert

October 30, 2022, 2:00pm
YIKES, Friday the 13th!
What could possibly go wrong?

May 13, 2022, 7:30pm
YIKES Friday the 13th flyer A (1).png
Masked Ball Concert

November 7, 2021
Masked Ball.JPG
Four Works for Spring 2021

A Virtual Concert


Filmed at Miner's Foundry Nevada City

Larry Huntington and Mark Triolo videography

Ken Schumacher audio


Alexis Alrich: Trio Retro 

Kristen Autry, violin; Alexandra Roedder, cello and Lynn Schugren, piano 


Mark Vance: Four Bagatelles for Cello and Piano 

Alexandra Roedder, cello and Lynn Schugren, piano 


Jesse Haennelt: Save the Bees, Save Ourselves 

for String Quartet Kristen Autry, violin 1; Irina Samarina violin 2; David Thorp, viola and Alexandra Roedder, cello 


Binns Melander: Piano Concerto No. 2 

for Piano Quintet Lynn Schugren, piano solo; Irina Samarina, violin 1; Kristen Autry, violin 2; David Thorp, viola and Alexandra Roedder, cello

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